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What is Colour Therapy?

Colours have been used to heal for thousands of years. Already ancient cultures discovered that different colours carry different wavelengths and with that different information of healing properties and effects on the body.

What is Esogetic Medicine?

> Esogetic Medicine™ was developed by Peter Mandel, a German naturopath who has spent more than 40 years of his life researching, developing and improving various strategies to improve health and well-being.
> Esogetic stands for Esoteric-Energy Healing, which synthesises ancient wisdom (esoteric) with the latest development in biophysical research of how the body functions (energetic). By using the tools Peter Mandel has developed we can heal various illnesses on physical, emotional and mental levels.

What is Colour-Puncture?

Colour-Puncture uses a special designed torch with coloured quartz rods to apply colour and light to various points on the body. The healing information of colour and light is passed through the cells and transmitted through the meridians (energy pathways) to various organs, endocrine glands, different body systems and even the brain and nervous system. This technique is non-invasive and pain -free as we combine the principles of acupuncture with the healing power of colour. Colour-Puncture aims to balance the body and clears blockages on physical, emotional and mental levels.


Colourpuncture offers a therapeutic alternative:

It is drug-free, gentle, painless and non-invasive

Anyone can benefit from a Colour-puncture treatment, whether treating illness or pain, prevention or maintaining health or expanding consciousness.

It helps to clear emotional blockages before physical disease can manifest in the body

It is a powerful healing technique to improve various illnesses and is designed to address the root-cause of the illness

Colour-puncture are profound effects on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual


What is Kirlian Diagnosis?

A Kirlian picture taken with an EEA-bioscan camera reveals the electromagnetic field on the meridians of the fingers and toes. Kirlian photography has been modified by Peter Mandel using EEA (energy emission analysis), an accurate and sensitive diagnostic tool


A Kirlian picture is used:

As a diagnostic tool to find the root cause of a disease or illness

As a way to identify imbalances in the body-mind complex

As an early diagnosis to prevent deterioration into disease

As an indication which colour-puncture treatment should be used

For an observation of physical and emotional changes in the body-mind complex

As an immediate confirmation for the effectiveness of a colour-puncture treatment

Kirlian Photography